Discovering the Charm of Paola, Kansas: 5 Amazing Photography Locations for Your Session

April 7, 2023

Interested in a Session in Paola, KS?

Welcome to another Nine13 Studios blog post! As a professional photography studio, we are always on the lookout for new and captivating locations to shoot our clients' special moments. Today, we are excited to introduce you to the picturesque town of Paola, Kansas. This hidden gem, located just 20 miles south of Kansas City, offers a diverse range of locations perfect for creating stunning images. Join us as we explore five of our favorite spots in Paola, Kansas.

Paola Park Square

Located in the heart of Paola, the historic Paola Park Square is the perfect setting for capturing the spirit of this charming small town. The square features a beautiful fountain, surrounded by lush greenery and a gazebo, making it a great backdrop for engagement and family photos. The quaint storefronts lining the square add a unique touch, showcasing the town's character and charm.

Hillsdale State Park

Just a short drive from Paola, Hillsdale State Park offers an incredible natural setting for outdoor photography. With over 12,000 acres of land, including a stunning lake, lush forests, and beautiful rolling hills, there's no shortage of picturesque spots to stage your shoot. Capture the perfect sunset shot by the lake or take advantage of the park's extensive trail system for a more adventurous session.

The Miami County Courthouse

The Miami County Courthouse, built in 1898, is a striking piece of architecture that provides a beautiful backdrop for various photography styles. The building's Romanesque Revival design and red brick exterior create a sense of history and grandeur, perfect for bridal portraits or elegant engagement shoots. The meticulously maintained grounds surrounding the courthouse offer additional opportunities for creative framing and composition.

Wallace Park

Wallace Park is another fantastic location in Paola for photography sessions. With its vibrant playground, sports fields, and lovely walking trails, this park offers a relaxed atmosphere that's perfect for family and children's photoshoots. The mature trees and expansive green spaces provide a serene setting for capturing your clients' memories.

The Old Creamery Bridge

Step back in time and experience the rustic charm of the Old Creamery Bridge, located near the eastern edge of Paola. This historic wooden bridge, once used by the old creamery in town, is now a beloved local landmark. Its weathered wood and unique design make it an ideal location for capturing timeless, rustic photos. The surrounding natural scenery adds to the bridge's allure, making it a must-visit spot for your next session.

Paola, Kansas, offers an abundance of beautiful and diverse photography locations that are sure to inspire you and your clients. From the historic charm of the town square to the breathtaking natural beauty of Hillsdale State Park, there's a perfect spot for every type of photoshoot.

Cheers! // Dustin