Young female model cutely posed with a orange lead autumn background in Garnett, Kansas.
Young couple getting married and touching noses under the brides vail in black and white.
Wedding day pose against a wood background for Seth and Darian in Rolla, Missouri.
Young girl looking down from her left shoulder while she sits on a hay-bale surrounded by pumpkins on a trial in Kansas.
Young man sitting on his dirt bike in a field with a beautiful Kansas sunset.
Paint party smiles of a little boy in Paola, Kansas.
Small toddler boy sitting alone in the tall dry grass looking out over Miola Lake in Kansas.
A football player drops back to make a pass in Garnett, Kansas.
Adorable little blonde girl holding a pumpkin and smiling at her mother in Kansas City.
Kansas City father and daughter twirl around in the sunset.
Winnifred Sanderson cosplay worn by a little girl for Halloween fun.
Autumn portrait of a young married couple on a sunny day in Paola, Kansas.
Sunset sillouhette of a happy couple in Rolla, Missouri.
Golden hour family session sitting on a neutral blanket in tall grass.
Couple in love looking down at their hands while sitting in a field of wheat outside Kansas City, Kansas.